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Latest Update: 7.04.99
Yay! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY everyone! The new July '99 edition of CSNS is up, and I hope ya'll like it!

Update: 6.24.99
The CSNS Emailing service has been updated. There are two addresses to access the site now. The new link, which you can now bookmark is, or the old one which has not been revised at, if it is more conveient for you. Thank you. And sign up if you haven't already ^_^.

Update: 6.18.99
Contact section has been updated!

I'm debating on the appropriate time to release the new layout for CSNS. If you have an idea on when the layout should be released, Email me, and I'll think about it. Gracias!

Update: 6.14.99
New layout published, dedicated to the passing of a good person, Kristin Briels. Thank You's/Dedications also updated.

Update: 6.6.99
I am so sorry for not updating for over a month. I have been constantly plagued with work from school! Well, at least I did a few things, and I promise you one hot summer! *^_^*. I did some touch-ups to my site yesterday and today. I also am proud to say that there is a May/June 1999 Site of the Month. Check it out at the SOM section! ^_^. Also, not enough people have been sending me applications for an SOM award. You might just be lucky to recieve one if you are the only one to reply! ^_^

Horizons has just been released again, with a new layout & kewl stuff. Go and check it out!

**NOTICE: New layout for CSNS will be release June 15th. Mark your calendars! It is actually already made ^_^. If anyone would like to see a preview, Email me!

Update: 4.29.99
I'm proud to say that people with sites can now........apply for the site of the month! Yahoo! Check it out on the Interaction section!

I'd really appreciate what you think of my site and Email me what future subjects and sections of this site that you would like to see ^_^

**NOTICE: I may not be able to do a lot of updates this and next month on CSNS as we gear up for the CSNS Summer Special. I still will do a bit, but not as much because school really demands me and my time. I also have to devote time to my new site t i m e k e e p e r, so I can release it before Summer. I hope you all understand. You can still email me though, and I will get right back to you. Take care! I may be convinced to do more updates as soon as I see that more people sign my guestbook ^_~

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