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Hi all of you Sailor Moon Die Hard fans! My name is Kaioh Michiru. Right now, you can call me Ms. Kaioh. I'll be your teacher today, and will be administering quizzes to people who wish to take them. I also wanted to do this personally, because I was afraid that Charles would have messed up! Well anyway, this quiz will be given out, like I said, to people who wish to take it. Quizzes will always be about Sailor Moon in general, and since I'm the smartest out of all the senshi, I was chosen to give it out. There will be ten questions given periodically at Charles' discretion. If you want to get commended on this site, all you have to do is to take the quiz and once I recieve your quiz, I'll give you your grade on the What's new section!! Fair enough? Oh, and one final thing, There will also be a bonus quiz question! If you get it right, you will also be recognized! Okay, here are this week's questions, good luck! Email Charles with the answers!

Helpful tip: If you're a fan, but don't know a whole lot about the episodes, I suggest that you search for the answers through the web. Once again, good luck! ^_^

Quiz Time! Get those thinking caps working!

1) What is Sailor Moon's name in the Philippines?

2) What is Sailor Mercury's IQ said to be?

3) What are the names of the two crows that accompany Sailor Mars?

4) Why is Sailor Jupiter afraid of planes?

5) Where did Sailor Venus live before she moved to Tokyo?

6) Approximately how old is Sailor Pluto?

7) Who possessed Sailor Saturn?

8) What is Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon's favorite food?

9) Which school subject does Sailor Uranus dislike the most?

10) Name the other name Rini goes by. (Real identity)

BONUS: In episode 96, after swimming with Ami for the first time, what were my exact words that I said to her about her past life?

Send me your answers!

Send me those answers!: You might get an A+ from Michiru herself!
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