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Michiru's Story

Who is Sailor Neptune? She first appeared in episode 90 along with Haruka. Her real name is Michiru Kaioh, and she's Sailor Neptune. Very elegant and talented. She's my favorite scout. She's very ladylike and talented. She plays the violin in episode 94 and 98 . You also see her paintings (a gorgeous picture of a dolphin and the ocean) in episode 93. It was up in an art gallery and this guy even came up to her and raved about her painting. She's also very beautiful and when guys like her, Haruka gets extremely jealous. There was once where a little boy about Chibi Usa's age that gave her roses because he liked her and when Haruka saw them, she asked if they were from a boyfriend. Michiru said, of course! Haruka said she wasn't jealous, but then she said that she just didn't want any other guys looking at her. Michiru laughed and said, "Haruka, that's called jealousy." Her birthday is March 6, making her a Pisces. (Suitable for the Senshi of the Ocean.) She's a great swimmer, (which is evident in episode 95 where she ties with Mercury). She notes that Ami's previous life must have been aligned with water. For some reason, she has a problem with sea cucumbers. I guess cause they're all slimy and whatever. She also hates mushrooms (like me!). Her favorite gemstone is Aquamarine (well, that IS the birthstone of March...i think.) She also dreams to be a violinist, but instead, she has to be a Sailor Senshi. That is the destiny she chose when she found out she was Sailor Neptune. Obviously, she has a more-than-friendship kind of relationship with Haruka, and she was so glad when she found out that Haruka was Sailor Uranus. When she was in the school, and met Haruka through a friend, she told Haruka that she was interested in her. She asked Haruka to model for one of her paintings, but Haruka didn't want to. Later, Haruka went to Michiru's violin recital, (dressed in a white tux) and listened for a while then left the room. While Haruka was walking down the stairs, she met Michiru, and Michiru told her "You're very famous. In our school, there is a girl who wants to go on a drive with you on your car." (also in the background is a painting by Michiru named The End of the World.) Michiru also told Haruka that she could see her destiny, like Haruka. Haruka only replied that Michiru should stop investigating her and she just didn't want to deal with it. At that time, race cars and whatever was her only interest. A while later, a boy was in trouble in the garage and was calling for help. Haruka ran to help him but he turned into a monster. Haruka's pen appeared in front of her and as she was about to reach it, a voice told her to stop, because if she touched it, then she would never be able to go back. It was Michiru, who then transformed into Sailor Neptune and beat up the monster and it transformed back into the boy, but Michiru got hurt in the process. She told Haruka that she didn't investigate her because she was the other senshi. It was before she knew. She wanted to ride in a car with her along the sea shore, and that she had been watching her the whole time. But she was glad when she found out that Haruka was Sailor Uranus. It was then that Haruka decided her fate - she reached out and grabbed her pen. In the S series, she goes to Mugen Gakuen High School, then the high school where the inners go to in the Stars series. However, she then later dies in episode 110 due to Eudial. Eudial forced Sailor Neptune to kill Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn. Sailor Neptune died right in front of Sailor Uranus. And the queen of the sea was no more. But she did live on! She was alive, later! Happy! Extatic! Yay!


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