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Why do I love Michiru Kaioh, Sailor Neptune/Why you should

Why Michiru is adored.....

Here are some reasons:

1) Her elegance & innate class. Look at the way her face expresses deeply, thoughtfully and emotionally, the way she poses & holds her chin. She's a great person & carries the most elegance of all the senshi.

2) Her powers are so unique & interesting & just as elegant as she is.

3) Her academic strength. She is extremely smart, she is even smarter than Ami. Michiru Kaioh attends Infinity High School, a school where the smartest of the smart attend.

4) Her talents: her exquisite skill in playing the violin & cello. She also is an excellent swimmer & painter. She has more talents than the rest of the senshi combined.

5) Her beauty: both in & out. Her gentle, sensitive, & selflesness inner nature & he elegant outer quality make her one of a kind!

Now, if you hadn't liked her before, you're probably convinced by now! (he he he)


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