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Cool Sailor Neptune links! A cool page of Sailor Neptune with Michi's music, images and the outer senshi!
Sailor Neptune's Shrine of the Sea: Another shrine dedicated to the elegant Sailor Neptune. A really good page!
Neptune's Palace: The Sailor Neptune Shrine: The world famous Sailor Neptune website! Great info on Sailor Neptune!
Michiru Kaioh's Shrine: Really great website! Filled with interesting facts, art gallery, etc.!
The Relm of Sailor Neptune!: Good job to Liliy Kaioh on this page. Totally dedicated to Sailor Neptune, and departments or her page really nice. Check it out!

Cool Sailor Moon links!

Moon Haven: Really cool page! A nice page focused on all of the senshi and is hosted every month by two Sailor Scouts! A BEAUTIFUL site! Filled with things about Setsuna Meioh, Sailor Pluto!
Chibi Chibi's Sailor Moon Madness!: A very kawaii page! Full of Sailor Senshi info and a little on Chibi Chibi!