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Welcome to my Awards showcase! In here, you will find all of the awards that I have won. A special thanks goes out to all who gave me their awards. You guys are the icing on my cake! These awards mean a LOT to me because it symbolizes the reward of my hard work and devotion. It also shows me that you guys truly love my page, and I am very grateful for that. Once again, thanks! Please have a look around!

A ** next to the thank you remarks indicates that this award is the hardest one to win given from the particular site!

Thanks Rei for this award!

**Thanks ChibiUsa for your award! Cute award!

**Thanks Liliy for this award. This is my favorite award because it was my first award won. Thanks Liliy, you are the best!~_^

**Thanks Sailor Mel for this award. You love me, you REALLY LOVE ME!

Thanks Jessica! I love this award! Thank you to all who gave these awards to me. FANTASTIC. I hope there are more to come!

Sailor Scouts Power UP!!

Almighty Power to Sailor Moon!!!


Thanks to the Moon Prism Fan Club! I really love you guys! I'm so glad I'm a member!

SSSN's Supreme Site

Thanks to the SSSN (Sailor Scouts' Starry Night)! I love you too, and thanks for giving me one of your best awards, all of these mean a lot to me!

**Thank you Bunny! This is an awesome award!!

**Thank you Tsukino Tenshi! I love this award. Thanks for givin' me TWO awards! See the other one below!!!!! Thanks again. The reason why she gave me two awards can be found at the bottom of the other award!

**"I know I'm breaking the rules, but I loved your page so much, that's why I want to also give you this award. I'm so happy that you gave your thoughts about Haruka & Michiru's relationship. It's important to learn abouyt their relationship. Keep up the great work!" -Tsukino Tenshi. Thanks Tsukino!

Sailor Venus 
Seal of Approval
Thanks for the award Sailor Io!

Sunflower Award

Given to Charles

At Charles' Sailor Neptune Shrine

**Thanks to: Hotaru's Planet of Silence, for this award. I'm honored to win your hardest award. My greatest gratitude goes to you all!

Thanks Irina! I love this award and YOU! You truly have the BEST Sailor Uranus site!

**Thanks Chibi Saturn and the Moon Prism Fan Club for this award! I think it is the cutest award I have ever received and I am truly honored! THANKS, you guys are great for awarding me with TWO awards!

Thanks to Teacup for this wonderful award!

Thanks once again to Teacup for this fantastic award too!

Geez Teacup, you LOVE my site! Thanks!

Thanks Adam, for this devious, yet awesome award! I'm honored!

**Thanks Tuxedo Venus! This award is really cool!

Thanks Michelle! This is a cute award, and I love Sailor Venus!

A Token of Appreciation award
given to
Charles' Sailor Neptune Shrine

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Princess Nishi's Award of Eternal Moon Excellence

Princess Nishi's
Award of
Eternal Moon
Nishi's Tribute
to Serena's
and Darien's
**Thank you sooooo much Princess Nishi! You gave me soo much compliments and I really, truly appreciate it!